History of massage in Singapore is traceable to the past thousands of years when massage evolved in the outside world. Most massage services in Singapore originated from other countries like China and India. This is seen where many traditional massage treatment services in Singapore are done by the Chinese and the Indian medical practitioners.Some of the massage services available in Singapore include the Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, Thai massage, Ayurvedic massage, Chinese massage and reflexology among others.Swedish massage is the most common massage in Singapore. This type is a classic western type of massage. It is often administered when one is almost nude by use of tapping, strokes and kneading.

 It is done by use of shear butter and jojoba oil among others. This type of massage can be found in Nature Authentic Massage, among other centres. Deep tissue massage reduces blood pressure and stress hormone levels. This type of massage service is offered in Xiaoxi Deep tissue Therapy Centre.Other massage types that are offered include Javanese, which very popular, Ayurvedic massage, Chinese massage and reflexology. The best massage therapy centres that are situated in Singapore are, among the numerous, white Panda Massage, Red Tantra, chakra Tantra, Healing Touch Spa, Naturland and Green Apple Spa.